The spf-download program

spf-download [$SP_ROOT]/package/host/[+spf+tag][-2.0[+spf+tag]] [...]

spf-download downloads one or more package source archives (typically tarballs, but some other formats are also supported). It is typically invoked by way of spf-unpack. For each package directory name given on the command line, it loads the package's info snippet from package/foreign_info within the package directory (or the file named in $SPF_INFO if that variable is set), and then downloads the source archives from the URLs listed in the snippet.

The archives are stored in "$SP_TARDIR_FLAT", if that variable is set, or "$SP_TARDIR/host/", if that variable is set, or else "$SP_ROOT/usr/local/src/package/host/".

If the tarball already exists locally in any of the above directories, spf-download will not download the tarball again. If $SP_OFFLINE_SRC is set to "y", spf-download will fail instead of downloading if the tarball does not already exist locally.