Gnus is the package I use for mail and news.


nnmaildir is a maildir backend for Gnus.


I've added rudimentary Mail-Followup-To support to Gnus (message.el, to be specific). My code is included in Gnus 5.10 and later; if you're using 5.8.8, you can get the corresponding patch here. But there are probably some bugs in that patch that have since been corrected; I'm not maintaining this patch separately.


nnnil is an empty, read-only backend for Gnus. It's useful as a primary server when you want all your real servers to be secondary or foreign. I committed it to Gnus CVS on 2002-03-05; Gnus 5.10 has since been released. If your Gnus is older than that and doesn't already have nnnil, you can get a copy from CVS and use it with your Gnus. nnnil ignores whatever server name and server parameters you give it.